Miriam Sitz

Miriam Sitz

NYC-based digital/audio journalist

Web editor at Architectural Record. Columbia journalism grad 2015 & Trinity University in SATX before that. Audio clips at miriamsitz.tumblr.com

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Feeling Friendly? | Miriam210

Hey, friends. Forgive me for being a little Southtown-centric lately, but there is just so much down here you need to know about! Today, we learn about the friendliest place in the 210: The Friendly S...


Salsa x Southtown | Miriam210

It’s summer in San Antonio, it’s a hundred percent humidity as I type, and I know what you need. Let me guess. Sangria? Mojitos? Pisco sours? Latino cuisine? Salsa dancing?? Yes. All of those things.

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Prosit, San Antonio! | Miriam210

Guten Tag and happy Friday, friends! It may be three months and thirty degrees away from Oktoberfest, but if you think that’s going to stop me from enjoying some bratwurst, butter noodles, and Spaten ...

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Trivia at Southtown 101 | Miriam210

If you’re like me and you love to (1) drink beer, (2) show off how smart you are in public, and (3) hang out with geeks, you probably need to head to Southtown 101 next Monday night at 8pm for Geeks W...


Riverwalk Record-Breaker | Miriam210

Imagine for a moment that you are a visitor to San Antonio. You are a greenhorn, an amateur, a tenderfoot, if you will; one who is unaware of the rich offerings of food, drink, and activity that the A...

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Best Brunch: Tre Downtown | Miriam210

Free valet, the biggest and oldest yellow lab mix you will ever see, dollar mimosas, and food by Jason Dady. What more could you really ask for in a brunch? Seriously, though, I am curious. What more?...


Lovin’ on El Monty | Miriam210

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, in the site of the Tower of the Americas and the internets, to celebrate the holy matrimony of the constantly changing and the consistently delicious; the f...


SOL Food in the Alamo City | Miriam210

Here’s a riddle for ya.
Two trains leave different cities heading toward each other at different speeds. When and where do they meet?
Come on, this is an easy one.
OK, so one train is coming from Hous...


The Hidden Gem of San Pedro | Miriam210

If you have ever said to yourself, “I desire a sit-down music nightclub offering unpretentious, laid-back comfort,” please stand up while I applaud you for your eloquence and refined taste. For those ...

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The SA Chef Coalition | Miriam210

As you may have already read in 140 characters or less, there’s a new posse in town. The big shots of our city’s food scene have teamed up to form the SA Chef Coalition (@SAChefCoalition). Depending o...

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Dogs on Kings Court | Miriam210

Friends: when I say “hot dog,” what do you imagine? Fourth of July franks on the grill? Turkey dogs on wheat buns (for the healthier of us)? An Astrodome All-Star dog, topped with questionable relish ...

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A Feast Fit for King William | Miriam210

Last Friday night, after a solid Howl at the Moon happy hour where we maxed our credit cards and got kicked out of the bar, we hit the boulevard and headed down to First Friday in Southtown. The first...

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Creatures of the Sea | Miriam210

I love the ocean. I think it’s majestic, beautiful, filled with sometimes scary but always interesting creatures, and definitely worth protecting. As a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed youth, I even atten...